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THE PATH(S) TO TOTALITARIANISM - during times of war and financial distress, Demonize your adversaries, result to class warfare and steal freedoms incrementally moving towards the police state

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Scramblus - September 25, 2013, 4:27 am
Yeah That barrack I recall the way he fused the head of the senate with office of presendency and disbanded elections. Oh and pro-tip Hitler wasnt interested in 'class warefare' at all.

" DEFINITION OF TOTALITARIANISM " - Personality cultism.Regulation and restriction of speech.Control over the economy. Mass surveillance, political repression. Regulate every aspect of public and private life.

Pledge to the American Empire -

" 2012 U.S. OLYMPIC 'HUGO CHAVEZ' LOOK " - " DEFINITION OF TOTALITARIANISM " Personality cultism, Regulate every aspect of public and private life. Regulation and restriction of speech.

TOTALITARIANISM - Psst. Liberals: Look it up!

HOMELAND SECURITY - Protecting America from people who commit crimes before they can even think of them in the first place.

Hitler and Mussolini -

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Renza - May 7, 2013, 1:29 pm
Well said
Cannabal - May 7, 2013, 1:17 pm
FINALLY! A person who can make a proper distinction!
terroraustralis - May 7, 2013, 12:21 pm
what the democrats do is buy votes with welfare. what the GOP does is buy bribes by giving money and tax breaks to corporations. the GOP supports corporatism, and corporatism is facism.
terroraustralis - May 7, 2013, 12:19 pm
socialism is what western europe did after WW2. hitler was a facist who claimed to be a socialist. he didnt give money to the people, he gave it to corporations, and he used the military industrial complex to create jobs, while eliminating civil rights.


War on Terror -

POLICE STATE - A society in which law enforcement officers act as judge, jury, and as executioner with the utmost impunity.

You can't win -

Monopoly on Violence -

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Cannabal - May 14, 2014, 3:12 pm
"Can you hear me runnin'?"
foxrecon19d - May 14, 2014, 9:59 am
Yup... So don't say you weren't warned. How does that old Mike and the Mechanics song go?
Cannabal - May 13, 2014, 9:45 pm
And yet you worked for this same government, too.
EmmaRoydes - May 13, 2014, 11:03 am
EmmaRoydes - May 13, 2014, 11:03 am
Didn't obama say he hands were tied by the constitution? Gun control is the government saying "We fear the people that we were elected to serve"
foxrecon19d - May 13, 2014, 9:45 am
It is natural for government to want to out gun law abiding citizens. Say it out loud.

MARTIAL LAW - When you think about it, it's more about job security than anything else.

THE AMERICAN FASCIST PARTY - What could possibly go wrong?

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PapaFox - March 20, 2013, 2:22 pm
It'll make you a great fan of the Tea Party: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/03/19/texas-tea-party-leader-promotes-fascist-party-as-pro-constitution-pro-america/

cultural marxism -

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Cannabal - May 28, 2015, 10:36 pm
Honestly, I don't see that happening as a result of FOX NEWS becoming defunct, but nevertheless, a very interesting and funny observation.
guest818 - May 28, 2015, 1:41 am
5Ls. Waiting for the teatwats to blame the cancellation of American Idol on cultural marxism.
Cannabal - May 24, 2015, 4:39 am
Nice to know there is someone here who can read.
Zeitguy - May 23, 2015, 10:34 pm
I like the hierophantic reference. I bit Orwellian but certainly 5Ls.

I Still Hate Commies -

Keep Voting For Bigger Government -

UN Climate Czar: Communism is Best to Fight Global Warming -

Big Government Tyranny -

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KaBoom - June 3, 2015, 9:24 pm
Are you sure that is true? http://www.snopes.com/politics/crime/rainwater.asp That is ridiculous if true.

Total War -

War Is A Racket -

Progressivism -

Fuel on the Fire -

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